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QUESTION: where does my Yosemite 1 cent stamp go ? My album is a Harris - Ambassador Stamps of the world. The stamp doesn't have any gummed surface. It is green with no perforations, is boarded on the right side with a 12 mm wide blank area with a 45 degree line in the upper right corner.

ANSWER: That is actually Scott #756, the imperf 1c National Parks stamp, which was issued without gum. I have no idea if your album has a space for the imperf Parks set or not. It was issued in 1935 so you can mount it in any open area on the page if you don't have an actual space for it.


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QUESTION: I will enter the Yosemite stamp on the United States 1933-46 page. A spot is on that page dipicting a like stamp but without the 12mm border on the right side. I am assuming this spot is for other than my imperf. rendition. If so I will place it just below it. Please advise as how to mount this stamp without using the hinge method as using the hinge will decrease the value of my stamp. Is my infancy in stamp collecting showing ?

"Is my infancy in stamp collecting showing ?";


 Yes it is.  Whether hinged or NH, this stamp is worth less than 50c so it's not going to ruin you financially by hinging it! But if you don't want to use a hinge for whatever your reason, then you must buy mounts, which you can do through a company, such as Subway Stamp Co. (they have an online website listing all of their products.  But be aware that you can't just buy a single mount. They come in packages and the cheapest packages run about $5/6. I think, so unless you have use for a whole package of them, I suggest you use a hinge for this stamp.


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