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QUESTION: Hi Bill. First, thanks for being a volunteer!  I am about to bid on some franked US envelopes on eBay but I can't find an online reference as to there values. Can you suggest some?  I have used for other stamps but they don't seem to list franked envelopes.

Thanks, John "Mickey"

ANSWER: Well, John, autograph values for some, postal history values for others.  Autograph values can be researched on-line.  Postal history values are fluid.  An active collector in an area of postal history can drive prices up while an area with no active collectors will languish.  Short answer, search on the individual frank and look for prices on items that have sold.  Prices asked is a questionable indicator.  There is no one resource.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Bill. Thanks for the quick and informative response.  

I goofed. I meant to ask for online references to "Pre-stamped Envelopes".

Thanks again.


US pre-stamped envelopes are covered in bits and pieces. has color pictures in their on-line store. has a large variety of price lists with some educational content as well as archived articles.  The Scott catalog approaches stamped envelopes on a cut square (stamp only) basis.  The United Postal Stationery Society has specialized catalogs for 19th century and for 20/21st century as well as a website  Like all collectables stamped envelope values are driven by condition and demand and just like stamps, common material is still common material.  The price lists will tell you what a dealer wants to receive but the id guides/price guides are just guides and unless Scott has an app for that, are not available on line.  Used stamped envelopes are frequently converted to postal history items in an attempt to garner higher prices.  A useful function at on-line auctions is to search closed lots of the same or similar items and see actual selling prices.  Good luck.

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