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Stamps (Philately)/Webster 15 cents with extra perf.


Webster reverse
Webster reverse  

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Have this stamp a Webster 15 cents (1870-1880) and notice double perf with a extra set of longer perf on the top right side of the stamp.The extra set of perf seem to be a thin layer of paper.Have examined the stamp thoroughly for extra layer of paper or repair marks and found none.The whole back of the stamp seems only  one layer.Have even soaked the stamp to see if any extra paper is stuck to the stamp possibly from a cover and there is nothing.Wondering if this could be a double paper stamp.I have attached images of this stamp and to have a better view of the reverse side of the stamp please push the computer screen further.Hope you could help me identify what this could be.Thanks and regards,Selva.

Hi Selva,
Thanks for the question.
Selva, without actually being able to closely examine the stamp the best I can do is take an educated guess as to how this happened. I suspect this happened in one of two ways. It either started during the paper production, in that there was a small thin part of the paper that had a slight fold, and was not quite adhered properly to the other paper fibers, or during production the paper got slightly scraped during handling and a small thin section got folded over (most likely). This of course would not be noticeable, and the stamps were printed, perforated and gummed normally. I believe this didn't show up until after the stamp was used and soaked of the envelope. The thin section of paper that happened to be by the perfs, then unfolded leaving the thin extra perfs. Then during the drying process after soaking, the thin paper stayed unfolded and was pressed back into the original paper so as to look the same thickness.
Selva, although this might be of interest to collectors of errors/EFO,s (Errors freaks and Oddities), I don't believe it would command much of a premium.
Selva, thanks again for the question,

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As I said above, I have been collecting U.S. stamps for about 35 years, and U.S. Errors for approximately 25 years. I have been selling both online for about 4 years, mostly on Ebay and

I am a 25+ year member of the APS

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