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picture of orginal collection
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QUESTION: Recently found stamp collection and letters dated from 1800's of William G. Ramsay (noble peace prize recipient 1904 & Engineer for Dupont) and his son Joseph G. Ramsay.  Would have appraised for sale.
Thank you in advance for you help.

ANSWER: Hi Joyce,

The pictures you show are all very common stamps, so please do not plan on retiring with money gained from the sale! I do not appraise autographs on this venue, so you need to contact an autograph/manuscript dealer, however there is an old rule-of-thumb when it comes to autographs - the chances are very good if the person is not someone the average person has heard of, most likely the signatures are not worth much money.  And I've never heard of that person, so again, do not get your hopes up too high.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Scott stamps 139, 145,223,431
Scott stamps 139, 145,  

Scott stamps 139, 145,223,431
Scott stamps 139, 145,  
QUESTION: Dear Bill,
I guess we though something in this collection might be valuable as the Ramsays were related to the Duponts who sold one of the most valuable stamps: Please note caption below.
"British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta (1856) are among the rarest and most expensive stamps. The stamp was printed on poor quality paper with black ink magenta colored, due to emergency conditions.

Known, there is only one piece left in the whole world. The stamp is so unique and no others have ever been found. In 1980 it was auctioned to John Dupont for $ 935,000, or approximately USD 8.8 billion."
Therefore I've picked a few out for a second review, I'm sure your right we won't be millionaires!


 These are all common stamps - and you have them all misidentified, and none are worth more than a few dollars (all 4 together are worth less than $5.).  Yes, I know who John Dupont was, and the Dupont family was important, but a relative's signature, in my opinion, would not be valuable just because of the family connection. He would have had to have some historical significance.


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