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Good evening, i recently received from my grand father the whole series of first day cover cyprus republic stamps from1963 until 1985, and i would like a rough evaluation of this collection. I understand that this is a very vague question but there are too many stamps to take a photo in order to be more precise. Thank you in advance for your interest

Dear Nassos

Thank you for your question.

I do have an excel spreadsheet which breaks down all of the stamps and covers issued during each year from 1880 up to present date. Each decade is on an individual sheet and the values are taken from Stanley Gibbons 2008 catalogue.

If you wish to contact me by email: I am quite happy to forward you the workbook in full and you can calculate the value for yourself.

However, my opinion and experience of catalogue valuations is that it is unlikely in the event of a sale the Seller cannot be realistic in receiving the catalogue price and as such, they should only be relied upon for insurance purposes should you ever need to replace the collection in case of loss/theft/damage etc.

Alternatively, you can visit this page of my website for more information about the workbook and then use the Contact Us online form link contained within the page to request it if you feel it is suitable for you:  

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I specialize only in Cyprus stamps (Republic) and North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamps and First Day Covers. Please note: I can only answer questions on stamps from the country (island) of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. All Cyprus stamps will have: , KIBRIS or CYPRUS printed on them! I can answer most questions related to stamps and values. I can provide opinions on values as a collector of Cyprus stamps but not as a professional. I do not have any knowledge of stamps from USA or other countries. For these stamps please direct your questions to another Specialist.


I am a long time collector based in Limassol, Cyprus for over 12 years with access and contacts to relevant information. Unfortunately, due to a family illness I had to return permanently to my home country in May 2016.

I am a member of the Cyprus Philatelist Society.

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