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I hope you can give me some guidance.  I just found an album that had belonged to my husband.  It contains 26 first day of issue stamped envelopes, all different and all from 1959.  Is there a free resource I can access to find out the values of these envelopes?  Thanks so much for your assistance.

Hi Terry,

 Do not overly concern yourself with the value of these covers.  It is very little.  They are
"modern" FDCs and even if cacheted (printed pictures on the envelope) and are not addressed, the value you might get offered from a dealer would be under $1.00 each, and if addressed or not cacheted, the offer would be in the 10c to 25c range. There is no free resource. I am about as "free" as you will find, and my advice is to forget these covers as a source of value.

 Sorry for the bad news and sorry about your husband......


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