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Stamps (Philately)/$5.00 John Basset Moore Sheet Of 100 Mint Very Fine Never Hinged.


QUESTION: What would be a good price to pay for such a sheet of stamps? I  know that sellers these days expect not to receive not much more than face value for stamps, and even those are good prices, as most stamps are aquired at well below face value. I suppose that it is a buyers market. I want to be fair to sellers, even though most of them are from large companies pretending to be amateurs in need of quick cash and usually aquire large estate quantites of stamps at pratically free prices.These stamps are being opffered at Mint Nh conditon, but a photograph shows some rippling or waves on the gum side of the stamp sheets. Are wavy or slight crinkles acceptable on the gum side of stamp sheets? I have seen several sets of the same sheet with perfectly smooth gum and others with wrinkles or crinklesas though they had been stored on those old "magnetic" sticky albums.

ANSWER: Brian,

There are at least two different varieties of the $5 Moore issue: the untagged 1966 version, and the tagged 1973 version.  The two issues have slightly different gum.  I've found that the 1966 issue has prominent gum breakers, giving the back side a more rippled appearance.

Dealers pay a higher percentage of face value for high denomination mint stamps, no matter how common, typically 80% or so in quantity.  A good retail price to pay for a complete, fault-free sheet of 100 would be 100% to 125% of face value.

-Mark Leon

I deal in United States Stamps
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QUESTION: Which version would be the better version to obtain for future resale and increase in value? Does the crinkled appearance on the back devalue it?


The original 1966 untagged version is probably the better sheet to acquire.  Natural gum breakers do not reduce the value of a stamp or sheet.

-Mark Leon

I deal in United States Stamps
American Art Glass
and Halloween Costumes!

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