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Stamps (Philately)/appollo soyuz 1975


my parents bought a sheet of these stamps. they have not been cancelled. at the top of the sheet the columns are numbered 36308,36307,3630036305,36304. I have the yellow envelope from general accounting unit, sub state 39. can you please tell me about them?

sincerely, judy


  This is a Apollo Soyuz space test project, Russo-American cooperation, launched July 15. The sheets, as the case with all issues, are mass produced. The sheet can be bought for $4.50-7.00. I believe Russia also made a set of stamps and having both would be a nice set to frame if you like space related items. The numbers, if you are not a collector, are related to the plate numbers used to produce the stamps,the color of the numbers correspond to the colors in the stamps. If you need more info on this please send another e-mail. Thanks and have a great day.


Stamps (Philately)

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