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Hello and thank you for this opportunity.
I would like to sell a stamp collection and was wondering what advise you might give me in selecting a reputable dealer. I know next to nothing about stamps but would like to go in to an appointment somewhat prepared.
I have a small collection of Canadian, Great Britain and Australian stamps dating from approx. 1880's to 1940's. I also have a collection of First Day Covers.
I have done a bit of research and have learned that the Scott's value may be much higher than the price realised.
I also learned that the many mint sheets dating from 1960s - 1990s are possibly worth face value only.
I will be calling a dealer to make an appointment for their House to look at the collection and then list it on their on-line auction site.
My questions are;
1. How do I find a reputable dealer?
2. What should I be asking them?
3. What would their commission be?
...and any other suggestions you may have.
Thank you

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Hi Pamela,

Make sure the dealer you contact is a member of a philatelic association such as CSDA, APS, ASDA, etc.

Depending on the quality of your collection there would be 2 routes to go.  Average quality collections are normally bought outright.  High Quality collections do better at Public Auction.

Catalog value is just an indicator.  The quality will determine what percentage of catalog value you can get as well as issued quantity.

Public auctions charge 10% commission.  I can also offer my services and sell your collection for you at 10% commission if you wish.  I have a dealer friend in Toronto that could look at it for you if you wish.

As for stamps from 1960 and up they are worth Face Value only but they are bought at 50% of F.V..  If you do not have to much I suggest you use it as postage where you would get 100% of their value.

You can reach me at 1 (877) 412-3106 for any further information.


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