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three stamps  
I was going through some old Indian stamps and I found one that was marked India at the top and Refugee Relief at the is red with white print and picture refugees on them...glue on back, non-glossy..I was wondering if you would know when these were issued?

I also have a couple from Ceylon..not Sri is a man on a blue background,,,face value 10 cent..the other is a three pink flowers on a green background, value 35 cent

I am not a collector even though I have thousands of stamps but I am trying to get things a bit organised before I lose what is left of my sight..any help would be appreciated...thank you

Dear Gayle,
Glad to know that you have some old stamps, you may not be a collector in the traditional language.The Indian stamp was issued in Dec 1971, was to be placed additionally on each article sent thru' the Post office. It was for a surcharge to collect additional revenue to offset huge expenditure being incurred on the refugees from Bangla Desh, earlier East Pakistan. I am not much knowledgeable about Ceylon stamps but I know these were regular issues, not much of importance. All these stamps are available in plenty, may not be much of market value but as important to philatelist as any other stamp.Best wishes...bk

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