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I know it's not Cyprus but do you know anything about stamps marked Thrace Interalliee? Green with black print...or the Ottoman?

Hello Gayle

Sadly, no - I know nothing about them. I did do a quick Google which led me to an image of a stamp that indicated to be it was of Bulgarian origin from the print I could see on it. (I work with a bunch of European translators during the day so am familiar with the script).

So I dug a little bit more and really this was about the best I could find as a source of information:

Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge of Ottoman stamps either. There is a group on Facebook with 127 members who appear to specialize in Ottoman/Turkish philately if that's any assistance?
This is the link:

I'm very sorry I couldn't help you more. :-(

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I specialize only in Cyprus stamps (Republic) and North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamps and First Day Covers. Please note: I can only answer questions on stamps from the country (island) of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. All Cyprus stamps will have: , KIBRIS or CYPRUS printed on them! I can answer most questions related to stamps and values. I can provide opinions on values as a collector of Cyprus stamps but not as a professional. I do not have any knowledge of stamps from USA or other countries. For these stamps please direct your questions to another Specialist.


I am a long time collector based in Limassol, Cyprus for over 12 years with access and contacts to relevant information. Unfortunately, due to a family illness I had to return permanently to my home country in May 2016.

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