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Greetings, I have a cover that appears to have been used and then turned inside out and used again. It looks like a normal envelope. It has a 1922 post mark and a common 2 cent us stamp. It is open at the end. When I removed the contents I noticed the inside is stamped, postmarked and addressed. It has a nice 5 cent pilgrim tricentenial. I cannot see the postmark.
Is re-use a common thing. It's the first I've noticed. Now I have something else to check for lol.Is there a premium for a double used cover?

Hi Stephen,

 "Turned" or "used twice" covers were fairly common during the Civil War period, particularly in the South, where acute paper shortages occurred. They are also sometimes seen in the 1840 (pre-stamp) to 1870 period, but are rarely seen after that.  Such a late use as 1922 is definitely uncommon, but as far as a premium, I'm not sure. If the stamp on the inside was postmarked too, I would guess the value would be in the $50. range, but since you say it isn't, my guess is more like $15/20. range. Hope this helps.


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