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QUESTION: "Can you tell me the value of a pre-stamped envelope, 1 1/2 cents, with George Washington, in brown; and a 10 cent Postcard that has a map of the USA, Canada, Alaska and Central America on it, it reads USA, World Vacationland.
Thanks for your time.  Joan"

ANSWER: Hello Joan,

Thanks for your question.

Let's look at the postal card first.  If you look closer at the card, I think you are talking about a 7c card, not a 10c.  This 7c card is Scott #UX49 and it was issued on August 30, 1963.  Today it has a list value of $4.00 in mint condition.

As for the postal stationery (the envelope with the stamp# I need you to do a follow up and include a scan of the stamp in question. There are many that fit the general description you give #some of which are quite valuable).

Thanks again for your question.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The postcard in question is definitely marked 10c. The pre-stamp is done in red, white and blue colors; with the letters USA, being red on top, white in the middle and blue on the bottom.  The 10c is done in red with a white outline.  USA and Alaska are done in white, while the rest of the continent is done in a lighter blue, with the rest of the stamp in a much darker blue background.  Trust this helps.  I will scan the 1 1/2 cent pre-stamped envelope later.  Thanks, Joan

ANSWER: Hello again Joan.

Please include with the scan, a picture or second scan of the postcard in question.  Thanks!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

card and envelope
card and envelope  
QUESTION: Terry:  Here is a scan of both items together.
Thanks, Joan

Hello again Joan,

Thanks for the follow up.  Sorry about the delay in answering--I was away for a few days for vacation.

As for identifying your two items---success!!!The 10c postal card is Scott #UX59 and it was issued on June 10, 1971.  It has a list value of $4.50 in mint condition.  The 1-1/2c postal cover is Scott #U481 and it was issued on March 19, 1925.  It has a list value of 25c.

Thanks again for your question and let me know if I can be of any more help.


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