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As we know, 15  July 2013 is last day for Telegram in India. As a collector of stamps and related items is it important for us? Can we collect some thing from Post Office related to Telegram? Shall we send telegram to each other so that it can become collectible? I am not a veteran collector, please note. Thanks

Hi Jigish,
Thanks for contacting me for your query. Telegraph Services in India will be closed from 15th July. Certainly it will be an important date for Postal History collectors. Post and Telegraph are now separate organisations, and we can't find any interesting item from post office related to telegraph. The only thing you can do is mail a letter on that day so you get date stamp on cover/postcard as a remembrance of last date for Telegraph service. You can mark inscription on cover 'Last day for sending Telegraphy' or any appropriate inscription. Also you can send telegram on that day which would be a collectible item.  

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