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I inherited a stamp collection, but know next to nothing about philately, although I am beginning to find it most interesting.  I would be most grateful if you are able to tell me something about the Indian four anna stamp pictured on the attached page below the envelope cover.  Is it of interest?  Many thanks.

Dear Melvyn,

Glad to know that you have inherited some stamps. I didn't find the picture of the stamp you are talking about.A stamp may be worth anything or could be negligible too. Some of the 100 years old stamps are worth only a fraction of Euro some recent ones are worth more. And then there are many reprints, forgeries etc. Unless we see a stamp it is difficult to guess its status. I will suggest you just go through stamps in You will have some idea. Don't jump to value your stamp. Best thing: show it a stamps collector, philatelist who I am sure will appraise you correctly.Best wishes...bk  

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