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Dear Peter:

 Belguim issued 1425 with adenomination of 25.
 Vatican issued a stamp of Mozart in 2006, denomination of 0,80.
 Germany scott no. 1696[Koblentz denomination of 60
 Germany scott no. 1945[Bamberg,World heritage Site] denom. 100
 Germany scott no. 2174[Museum Island W.H.S. denom. 56
 Germany scott no. 350[Speyer Cathedral W.H.S.] denom.5
 Germany scott no. 238[Cologne Cathedral W.H.S.] denom.10,000m
 Germany scott no.338[Cologne] denom. 2
 Germany scott no.785[Munich] denom.20
 Germany scott no.1823[Frankfurt] denom. 80
 Germany scott no.1432[Augusburg] denom. 80
 Germany scott no.2011[Grube Fossil Beds W.H.S.] denom.100
 Germany scott no.2012[Wurzburg Palace W.H.S.] denom. 110
 Some of these questions refer to an earlier exhibit of World
 Heritage Sites
 What is the significance of the denominations?
 Thanks for now,
 George Alexander

Hello George,

Clarifying the denomination of stamps issued during different postage periods is not my expertise ! This time I'll answer your question for the German stamps (as good as I can), but I'm sorry, I can't spend the time to elaborate this in the future.

German Reich:
Germany scott no. 238: 10,000 m = This stamp was issued in 1923 during the high inflation phase in Germany. When it was issued it was planned for the insurance of insured letters but very soon later postage raised much higher....
Germany scott no. 338: 2 Mk = I'm not aware of a specific postage for this stamp. It might have been used for combined postage (e.g. regisetred express letter to specif countries or something like this). To learn about the details, it might be necessary to contact a specialist.
Germany scott no. 350: 5 Rpfg. = domestic postcard as well as local letter 20 Gramm (within the same town)

Federal Republic of Germany:
Germany scott no. 785: 20 Pfg. = domestic letter 20 Gramm
Germany scott no. 1696: 60 Pfg. = domestic Postcard
Germany scott no. 1432: 80 Pfg. = domestic letter 20 Gramm
Germany scott no. 1823: 80 Pfg. = domestic letter 20 Gramm
Germany scott no. 1945: 100 Pfg. = domestic letter 20 Gramm
Germany scott no. 2011: 100 Pfg. = domestic Postcard
Germany scott no. 2012: 110 Pfg. = domestic letter 20 Gramm

After changing from "German Mark" to Euro:
Germany scott no. 2174: 56 Cent = domestic letter 20 Gramm

I don't have information about the denominations for Belgium and Vatican City.

Kind regards

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