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QUESTION: hi i am a small collector with pretty much no idea what any of my stamps might be worth but i have a 2 postage due stamp standard red & white but on the back side only about a 1/4 of the stamp appears to be the same print on the front only about 1/2 the size in black ink & the stamp is not postmarked if this makes sense to you could this be some type of error or very common thanks for your time

ANSWER: Hi Brett,
Thanks for the question, but I'm afraid I'm not quite clear with your description what you have. On older issues there are usually only 2 way to get an image on the back. One is caused from stacking the sheets when the ink is still wet. This is known as an offset, although it could be a partial ink transfer to a 1/4 of the back of another stamp, the image design would be the same size and color/s of the stamp. There usually is no added value because of this.
The other is usually caused by improper storage and the stamps can get somewhat stuck together. Upon separation some ink can transfer to the back of the stamp/s on top (it actually removes some of the ink from the face of the stuck stamp/s or whatever else it may have stuck to). This is considered to be a defective stamp.
Brett, I would need you to do a follow-up with a clear picture/scan of what you have to be more specific.
Thanks again for the question,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

two c
two c  

QUESTION: here are some photos having trouble writing & sending pics

1770 full offset error
1770 full offset error  

1548 pertial offset
1548 pertial offset  
Hi Brett,
Thanks for the follow-up and the great pictures.
 Brett, I wish I could tell you you had a rarity, but I'm afraid the image on the back fits into (the whatever else it may have stuck to) category. The image you see is just the black ink transfer from a stamp album due to improper storage/mounting, ink transfers and offset are always reversed. This stamp can be one of 2 stamps, either Cat# J71 or J81 with list values of $4 or .25c respectively. Unfortunately this would make it less desirable to most collectors .
 I have also attached a couple of scan of another little more modern type of offset error. This type actually occurs during production. These occur during production when a Sheet misfeeds into the press. The bottom feed roller then picks up the ink impression, and The Next Sheet/s Is Then Printed in Reverse On The Gum Side. It can be a full or partial offset depending on the misfeed (see examples).     
 Just a note: CAUTION must be used in buying these as some ink transfers (from stuck stamps) can appear to be real offset errors.
Thanks again for the question,

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As I said above, I have been collecting U.S. stamps for about 35 years, and U.S. Errors for approximately 25 years. I have been selling both online for about 4 years, mostly on Ebay and

I am a 25+ year member of the APS

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