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Dear Mr. Tipton,   Is there a "general rule" for pricing a collection of first issue stamps and their post marks? other than looking every single one up? ... both used and unused envelopes.  I am attempting to acquire information for an acquaintance, but really know nothing about the stamp world.  I looked up a few ... A couple big names like Girl Scout & Kennedy averaged about $5, general interest stamps averaged $1 or less.  Is this accurate enough to make a guestimate for selling or simply your own personal knowledge? I've heard there is a huge variety in what stamp collectors look for.  Also ..  I do know that the VALUE of something can have little to do with what it's SELLING for ... is this true in the stamp world as well?   Thanks a lot for anything you care to share.   Nancy H

Hello Nancy,

Thanks for your question.

The only way to know what you have is to keep plugging at it, stamp by stamp.  The one other option is to find someone who collects stamps and they would be able to tell you rather quickly what the value is of your collection.

A word of caution about the prices you are discovering--they are a rough guide as to what you could expect to pay for an item if you were to buy it at a stamp dealer.  Selling that same item to a stamp dealer will generally net you 20% to 30% of the list value depending on condition and demand.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of any more help.


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