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Hi - I'm trying to find more information on Xeri rural service cancels - I have an example on 1938 KGVI Piastre but can't find any previous examples on the internet - all I know is that the area had a population of about 300 pre 1974. Any information would be most welcome. Regards, Bill Simpson

Cyprus GR Rural Service cancels
Cyprus GR Rural Servic  
Hello Bill

Thank you for your question.

We mainly use Castle for our research on cancels but also have access to some other records and I can inform you that as far as I can tell, there should only have been one such canceller produced with that exact same spelling of XERI.

Castle indicates the details of the GR cancels are classed as Type 26 and 28 with a diameter of 27-30mm.

I've attached an image of some of the variations as examples.

Other information as below regarding GR Rural Service marks/cancels:

G.R. Rural Service Cancellations

No records have been found concerning the manufacture, issue or use of these cancellers
In the first edition of his book CYPRUS (1952), Wilfrid Castle classified 11 different types of GR rural cancellers. In the second edition (1971) this was simplified to two only, and this principle was followed  in his Cyprus 1353-1986, (1987).

G.R. Cancellations on King Edward Postage Stamps

A batch of at least nineteen G.R. Rural Service handstamps are known to have been  issued after the death of King Edward VII but before the issue of the first King George V piastre green and carmine postage stamp in July 1912. It is therefore possible to find King Edward VII postage stamps cancelled with G.R. RURAL SERVICE without their being classified as late use of adhesives.

The following agencies are known to have cancelled ER stamps with  GR cancellers, there might well be others:

Aghirda Pass, Alectora, Arodhes Kato, Ayios Nikolaos (Famagusta), Chatos,
Episkopi (Limassol), Galatia, Galinoporni, Kalo Chorio LL, Kolossi, Kritou Terra, Louroudjina,
Malounda (Nicosia), Margo, Mari Bridge, Mousoulita, Paralimni, Patriki and Yeroskippos.

GR Rural Cancellers Recorded

G.R. cancellers were made of brass and some became distorted during use.
Dropping onto a stone floor could easily damage the rim.
An agency was visited long ago where the canceller was in use as a nutcracker and almost illegible.
Examples of some of these cancellations are very scarce.

GR Rural Service extra info

No proof strikes of these are available, most of the London Proof Books were destroyed in a fire in 1954 before any postmark collector had recorded them. Fortunately many of the actual cancellers still exist and are held by the philatelic museum in Nicosia, and these can be used for comparison. However, this still leaves a large number about which we know very little, some are in Northern Cyprus, some must have been lost during the turbulent periods in the
1960s and 70s, and some have been stolen.

It appears that a few GR cancellers were genuinely lost or broken at their agency, and replacements issued. These are believed to be Ay.Nicola, Korphi, Makrasyka, Moni, Pyrga and Souskiou. There is also a suggestion that Kantara should be added to this list, but two different examples have not been seen.

I hope that helps some (sorry, a lot of it is copy and pasted info).

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