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Stamps (Philately)/Verification Of Earliest Knowmn Postmark For US Scott U522a


QUESTION: Attached is a copy of US Envelope Scott U522a with an Exposition Model Station Postmark of May 28, 1926.  It was purchased on Ebay and submitted to the United Postal Stationery Society for listing on their Earliest Known Postmark's list.  They wanted a copy sent at 600 dpi, or verification from you.  Since I'm somewhat computer illiterate, it will take me some time to learn and provide that type of copy.  My question is :  Is the attached Scott U522a envelope a true postmark of May 28, 1926 or a counterfeit?  The First Day Of Issue is July 27,1926.  Also, is the envelope a U522 or a U522a.  I believe it to be a U522a.  I have two images, front and back of this envelope which I am having diffculty in copying to this question.  I will submit the question, and if you can contact me at my Email address, I will forward the scanned copies.  Note that one scan has a copy of a note found in the envelope relative to the postmark date.

ANSWER: Both U522 and U522a have known First Day of Issue of July 27, 1926.  "First Day of Issue" postmarks had not come in to use at that time.

The UPSS ERP database shows a U522a postmarked July 27, 1926  with a Philadelphia Model Post Office Sesquicentennial cancel.

There are no entries other than a penalty overprinted envelope under U522.

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QUESTION: The question I wish to be answered is as follows:  Is the attached copy of the U522a envelope a true postmark of May 28, 1926 or a counterfeit?  If it's a true postmark, I would like to submit it to be added to the United Postal Stationery Society list of Earliest Know Postmarks.  If you cannot provide a definitive answer, should I submit it to a certification organization such as the American Philatelic Society?  Thank you.  I appreciate your service and your quick responce to the initial question.

Cancel comparison
Cancel comparison  

A post office bulletin announced that the Model Post Office would be in operation at the Sesquicentennial from 1st June to 31st of December.  There is a May 31st postmark recorded and pictured in Bomar, the guide to Postal Markings and Postal History of United States Expositions.

International canceling machines were used at the Model Post Office.  Cancelling die P26-10-01 was used to service first day covers of U522/U522a.  This cancelling die is a match for the one on your cover except that the genuine cancel is not composed of dots.  Your cancel is a fake.

Top cancel is a genuine cancel used as a receiving mark so there is no stamp image to confuse the issue.  Bottom cancel is cropped from your cover.

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