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Hi,  I have a folder entitled Postal Administration of the Republic of Cyprus. It contains 21 stamps, all dated 1995.  I have not found any information on them, e.g. is it a set, what was the purpose of issue etc.  Broadly there are a variety of stamps, e.g. one for AIDS, another suggesting it to do with joining the EU, some on sport, shooting, one with the head of a seagul, also a set of 3 all 20 joined together making a scene.

Any help including collectability would be appreciated.  
Many thanks, Mike

Cyprus 1995 stamps - year pack commemoratives
Cyprus 1995 stamps - y  
Hello Mike
Thank you for your enquiry.
With regards to the pack and from the images you have shown of the stamps contained in it, it appears this may not be an official presentation pack of the commemorative Cypriot stamps issued in 1995.

The official presentation pack contains the following stamps (23 stamps in total):

Date of Issue

02/02/1995    3rd International Congress of Cypriot Studies   
02/02/1995    3rd International Congress of Cypriot Studies - Miniature Sheet   
31/03/1995    40th Anniversary of the EOKA Liberation Struggle 1955-59   
08/05/1995    Europa 1995 - Peace and Freedom   
26/06/1995    Health Matters   
18/09/1995    European Culture Month   
18/09/1995    Europhilex 95 - Miniature Sheet
24/10/1995    Refugee Stamp 1995   
24/10/1995    Anniversaries and Events 1995   
27/10/1995    Christmas 1995

As to the collectability, we find Cyprus stamps are more specialist in that particular collectors want them... generally, from children who have been brought up in the forces where their parents may have served in Cyprus at some stage in their lives, ex-forces personnel looking to piece some of their timeline (historically) together during their time in Cyprus as well as those collecting British commonwealth stamps.
None of the stamps in the official presentation pack hold any great value.

I hope the above information helps. I am also attaching an image of the front cover of the official 1995 Cyprus stamps commemorative presentation pack so you can compare it with the pack you have.

It's possible the one you have is either a selection of stamps put together by a private individual or a "giveaway" often prepared by the post office for particular stamp exhibitions/fayres.

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