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DDR stamp
DDR stamp  
Hi, I have unused german stamp some numbers printed frontside reversly.
I have attached the image.
Please tell me the value of the stamp.

Hello Senthil,

I'm not an expert on GDR stamps.
As far as I see, it is a foil stamp. The number might be printed reverse on the front site because the ink was not dry when the stamps were rolled. But as I said: I'm not an expert and you might better contact an expert.
Here are the names of GDR experts and links to their pages with detailed contact information:

Mr. Heiko Koenig!&view=profile&areas=275&id=957
Mr. Siegfried Paul!&view=profile&areas=275&id=72
Mr. Heinz-Joerg Schoenherr!&view=profile&areas=275&id=83

Kind regards from Berlin Germany

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