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I have thousands upon thousands of stamps.  Both US and world.  I am not a collector.  These were from my husband's family.  The U.S. stamps are faily organized.  The world stamps are not.  What would be your suggestion related to how to sell these stamps?  Sell individually?  Sell to a company i.e.  mystic stamp company?  A private collector?  All suggestions welcome!!!!  Thank you.  June


I suggest getting in touch with the president of your local stamp club and ask if there is a knowledgeable member who would be willing to make a quick assessment of your holdings.  With a brief scan, an experienced philatelist will be able to estimate the value of the collection to the nearest order of magnitude (i.e. its worth hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, etc).  

Following the estimate, you can decide the disposition.  Your choices are 1) Keep the collection, 2) Sell the collection privately to a stamp dealer or collector, 3) Donate the collection to the stamp club, or 4) Consign the collection to a stamp auctioneer (or post onto an on-line auction like for public sale.  I would seek the advise of the stamp club member that views your holdings with regard to your decision.

Here's where to find a stamp club in your area:

Good luck!

-Mark Leon

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