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QUESTION: hi, i bought some computer vended forever (flag) stamps, but the F on Forever is missing on them. Are they worth anything, if i try to sell them? is this a rarity, or oddity? thanks


There is a market for error stamps, but it is highly speculative.  In general, the more dramatic the error, the more an EFO (error, freak and oddity) collector is willing to pay to get it.  Without seeing your stamps, I'm unable to be more specific.

-Mark Leon

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misprint forever stamps
misprint forever stamp  

close up detail
close up detail  
QUESTION: Here are some photo scans (300 dpi magnified)


Your stamps are computer vended postage, specifically designated Scott number CVP91.  Unfortunately I doubt there is much of a market for errors on this type of material, since the printing was done by a computer printer rather than any established mass printing method.  I would be surprised if an EFO collector offered double face value.

-Mark Leon

I deal in United States Stamps
American Art Glass
and Halloween Costumes!

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