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I live in Kolkata. My father has a huge collection of foreign and Indian stamps. We want an experts advice who can provide us details about their value. Please provide me some reference with contact details so that we can have an idea and sell them soon.
Thank you

Dear Aradhana Das,

Apologies for the delay in replying.
Value of a stamp depends on its condition and availability. Some of the stamps are more than a century old but available in plenty so are hardly worth its antiquity value. Unless someone sees and check up your collection, its true importance and value can't be judged. There are many Collectors and dealers in Kolkata, I don't recollect anyone who could be recommenced. There is one; Shri Rishi phone:09748622000 , he is probably a collector who I am sure will be able to tell and guide you appropriately. Regards...Nagpal

Stamps (Philately)

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