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Indian stamps -1  

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Indian stamps -2  
I am attaching the scanned caopy of a few pages of my grandfather's collection of Indian stamps. Could you help me figure out the most valuable or collector worth stamps among them? Will be sending a second message with more attachments as I am limited by the site to upload only 2 attachments per message.

Thanks for your help

Dear Joseph,
Glad to know that you have so many stamps of your Grandpa collection. All are quite old, mostly of pre-independent India.I may mention that oldness of the stamps is not the criteria for its present market value. Price of any stamp is primarily based on its quality & freshness and availability, of course on demand. Some of the century old stamps are available for a few rupees, some stamps of India issued in 1857 are available for a rupee or two or may be in this range.And unless we examine thoroughly your stamps, it is difficult to estimate the price.If you are in Aglare, there is Philatelic society who probably meets each second Sunday of the month somewhere. May be the men in the Bangalore or your town  Post Office Philatelic Bureau could help you to see a philatelist in your town. Just try to consult a philatelist nearby. Regards....bk

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