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I know you don't specialize in stamps from Great Britain but you are the closest to it and maybe if you can't answer this question you know someone who can. I have a 1911 one penny, King George V Scott number 152, A81 but mine is the type b error, 14 perf's all round. My catalog is old 1991 but only shows a value for unused as $4,750.00 and no value as used and mine is used. Is this one of those rare ones that is worth more used? If so or either way what is today's value of this stamp? Thank you so much for any help you can give. I have google searched for hours and not been able to get an answer. It's not in really good shape with some cut off perf's at the top and a small tear but if rare enough may be worth selling.

Hi Kirk,

Thank you for your question.  It is quite rare and Scott no longer lists a price for it.  The condition though is really poor.  So value would be a small fraction on the price.  I would check around your area (depending where you live) I could give you names of dealers.  You could have it certified but I believe it would cost more than the stamp is worth in its present condition.



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