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Stamps (Philately)/need to know the value of my collections sir


QUESTION: can i know how much i can get for my stamps ....sir...??

ANSWER: Dear Vijay,
Stamps shown in the picture hardly have any philatelic or market value. Such stamps are available in plenty in the market and with collectors. Hope you aren't dejected.....bkn

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sir i have some more collections to show  you to clarify my doubts sir... But onely one image can be send at a time....  Plz can you provide your e-mail id or other options so i can send to u all the collections pic. Sir

Dear Vijay,
You may write to me nagpalsofindia@gmail. But I will suggest that you consult some local philatelist who I am sure will give you seasonable suggestions. Or if you are in Chennai, SIPA, the premier philatelic Society is regularly holding meetings at the Chennai GPO or some central place. You may like to ascertain from the Philatelic Bureau about their activities. Then I hope you will see many other philatelists to talk and discuss about your stamps.,,,bkn

Stamps (Philately)

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