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I have  envelopes stamped from all 150 + villages in Northern Cyprus on the first day that rural postal agencies opened.  Can you please tell me what is the approximate value of them and if you know of anyone who would be interested in purchasing them?

Hello Roger and thank you for your question.

Hmmmm, not such an easy one to answer I'm afraid as postmarks from Cyprus are specialist enough with north Cyprus even more so. It's difficult to put a price on them because of this.

Cancels from Cyprus and north Cyprus are a very specialists collectors' market and in our experience they don't tend to go for high prices, with one or two exceptions (Railway stations will usually sell at a better price).

Undoubtedly, the postmarks from the north are quite rare but finding the right collector is the hardest part!

For approximate valuations, I would suggest looking on eBay for some of the postmarks making sure to tick/check the box which says "Sold Listings". This will give you an idea of the current sale value in todays' market.

Unfortunately, it's not something we would be particularly interested in ourselves...
However, if you're a member of Facebook or Google+, it may also be worth looking at some of the stamp collecting group pages (Circles for Google+) as you may find someone who is a collector of Cancels rather than stamps by Country location. It could just be the postmarks may be of more interest than Cyprus itself.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more assistance on this occasion.

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