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Stamps (Philately)/possible scam on elderly man?



cert of auth
cert of auth  
My brother-in-law, who was not quite all there in his mental faculties, I think may have been taken advantage of but since I know nothing about stamps I am not sure.
Someone from Saint Paul stamps called him at home and convinced him to invest in an incredibly rare stamp. I have the certificate of authenticity, invoice etc. but I looked them up and I find a huge discrepancy.
he was charges $1700 for a set of two misprinted 1990 love stamps where the heart was omitted #2441B. They are mint condition, in the acid free case things and in a binder. they have never been touched or taken out and kept in a temp controlled environment.
I find online a value of $90 I am trying to figure out what is the right value before I take the next step and file a BBB report of them frauding the elderly.


The so called "certificate of authenticity" was issued by no authoritative philatelic entity I am aware of, yet I have no doubt the error stamps in your photo are genuine examples of Scott number 2441b, the 1990 Love issue with bright pink omitted.  These error stamps have a 2015 Scott catalog value of $85 each in mint condition.  It is generally accepted in the philatelic community that the Scott value is the price a stamp collector should expect to pay a stamp dealer for a fault-free, eye-appealing example of a given stamp with very fine centering.  The error stamps in your photo appear to me to be fault-free, eye-appealing examples of 2441b with very fine centering, meriting full catalog (dealer retail) value.  Your brother-in-law paid 10 times the full retail price.  In my professional opinion, he was fleeced.

-Mark Leon

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