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QUESTION: HP6bn7APNR  The six looks like a b with a flat line on top.
The 7 looks like a backwards, upside down L.
The Capital N and R, two letters from the end, are backwards.

I have SEVERAL of these stamps but I have not been able to google them to get a country.

The one I'm looking at right now says nowa10cm and has a man's face inside a horn that wraps around him. Army green.

I just got the others I'm having problems with.  b'bA7APNR    The b has the flat line on it. The 7 is the backwards upside down digit. And the N & R are backwards.  There's a gorgeous dogs head, facing the left on the stamp. Looks like a yellow lab.

HP6'bA7APNR-nowa   Same differences as above. A teen boy is sitting holding a soccor (?) ball.  Red and blue striped shirt.

5bA7DNR   Profile of balding man's head, looking to left.  Green.

Sol Bollettino 20 stamp with round horn in center.  It is a TINY stamp.
Also has the word PACCHI on it.  Brown.

AND, I have a SRI LANKA stamp.  But I have a CITATION STAMP ALBUM and there is no country listed for SRI LANKA.  What country should I place it in? Tall skinny white building... do not recall what this type of building is but it has to do with water, I believe.  Blue sky, green palm trees.

Mr. Lang, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  I'm SO happy I just ran across questions and read your note.  I hope you can answer me.  I bought a 1/2 pound of stamps from KENMORE and these are the ones I can't figure out WHERE to put them.  

We've been raising Australian Shepherds for 27 years.  Thus, my email.
Do you know of ANY Aussie stamps?  If so, could you tell me the country and stamp number?          THANK YOU!!! Michele Carter

ANSWER: Hello Michele,

without having an image of the stamps it is difficult to identify.
However, I think the stamps you have problems with are from Bulgaria. For several years this country only had Cyrillic letters on stamps.
You can find a stamp catalog under this link:
Maybe it can be helpful to check if your stamps are listed there (the catalog is not complete, but volunteers have scanned thousands of stamps from their collection).

Your Citation Stamp Album seems to be a little bit outdated. The former name of Sri Lanka was Ceylon (up to 1972).

The stamp with the word PACCHI on it is from Italy. Those stamps have been used for sending packets and parcels.

I don't understand your last question regarding Aussie stamps.
Australia so far has issued more than 3800 stamps plus many more for Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania,....
You can also find Australian stamps under the link I have given above.

I hope this answer helps a little bit.
Kind regards

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Peter, I haven't been able to get through to you.  It keeps saying SPAM is messed up or something to that effect.  But, I just sent a message to your company asking if you could email me YOUR email and then I can send the pictures to you.  THAT one went through.  I'm going to attemp to send this picture to you again.  Unfortunately, I can not locate the first picture I told you about. BUT, I just got 300 World Wide stamps from Kenmore and now I have MORE pictures I can not identify. I have a picture of them.  So, if this goes through, you won't need to send me your email.  Thank you SO VERY MUCH Peter!          Michele Carter  

unidentified stamps
unidentified stamps  
Hello Michele,

I have received your image with unidentified stamps and found all of them in some catalogs.
Here is the list:
Top left: Kingdom of Yugoslavia / King Alexander / issued March 1926
Top center (shown upside down in your image): Russia / definitive stamp / issued 1879
Top right: South African States Transvaal / definitive stamp / issued 1885
Bottom left: South African States Transvaal / King Edward VII. / issued 1902
Bottom - second from the left: France / definitive stamp / issued 1900
Bottom third from the left: Great Britain / King George V. / issued 1911/12
Bottom right: Ukraine / definitive stamp / issued 1918

All are very old, but as far as I have seen, there is no real treasure among them.
I hope I could help you.

Kind regards from Berlin / Germany

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Thank you

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