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1841 entire
1841 entire  
Hi Fabrizio,
1.What is the Kingdom of Sardinia charge (looks like 99, but could be 22 or 33 - e.g. 0.99 lira) on this 1841 entire from London to Genoa that went via France, entering the Kingdom by way of Pont de Beauvoisin, taking seven days to reach its destination?
2.  What did the charge pay for?  The London tombstone shows payment was made in England, but I am unsure if the payment was just for the English charge, or to the French/Kingdom of Sardinia border.  There is a manuscript mark in red between the Tombstone and the two line Via Pt. Di Beauviosin 1st type Sardinian mark (that followed the 1838 Sardinia France convention), but I can't make out what is says, and on the reverse, sideways, is a manuscript mark in black that may say 7 1/4, which could be the weight in grammes.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi Winston,
thank you for question;  The postal rate on front is 22 ( decimi di lira or 2 lire e 20 centesimi) and is a payment for French and Sardinian rates according the 1838 convention. For me the letter is pre-payed only for England.
The " Via di Pont Beauvoisin" is a sardinian entry mark made in Torino or Chambery post office, but not regarding the French-Sardinia convention.
The  manuscript on the revers in my opinion is 9 1/2 ( weight in grammes).
Best regards, ciao!

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