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Hi Mr.Bromser, I think my request is in your field of expertise in Stamps. I have searched high and low for information such catalog value, market value for one specific US Airmail.  I can not find any information anywhere.  You are my last hope.

I am looking for US Airmail C126 45c UPU Future Mail SS of 4 1989 Untagged.  I have found this SS in what I guess must be a Tagged version.  If you have space can you explain why the Untagged US Airmails in all varieties that I have seen are more expensive?  This variety is new to me and I am having an extremely hard time finding them, let alone to be able to purchase them leading me to maybe not wanting to pursue them for my collection.

Thanks, Kevin

Hi Kevin,
Most modern stamps are tagged i. e. they contain chemicals that are detected by the cancelling machine to automatically cancel the stamp as it passes through. Now and then in the printing process a sheet is printed without the tagging, hence the sheet is an error.  If there is only one such sheet or just a few then the stamps are more valuable than the normal tagged varieties.
If you do come a across such an error that is expensive then you should get the stamp expertised, since often such errors are faked.

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