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I previously asked this to another expert, and they did not know:
I have a wooden postal cancellation stamp that reads in the round part, "SFPS Station, Valley Forge, PA 19481, July 4, 1976".  The side part depicts a Union Shield with "Independence" written in a ribbon across it.  Most likely used for Bicentennial Independence Day.  Do you know what "SFPS" stands for?

My apologies for the delay, I needed to check a reference at the library.

SFPS is short for Spring Ford Philatelic Society

From their web page:

     The Spring-Ford Philatelic Society was conceived on 27 September 1962 in Royersford, Pennsylvania. With the establishment of a monthly newsletter, the "Bulletin", the organization has developed a cohesiveness that has led to monthly meetings year-round for the past four decades and currently sponsors the VALPEX show.

        We are a member club of the SEPA affiliation of clubs which is the sponsor of the Philadelphia National Stamp Exposition (PNSE), Monthly club meetings include a silent auction, half-frame exhibit, a worldwide stamp scramble, a Scott Catalogue lending library, live and slide programs ending with refreshments.

        We invite you to attend a meeting of our Society, held on the last Thursday of each month at 7pm, in the Community Room of the First United Church of Christ, 145 Chestnut Street, Spring City. For more information, select the club "Officers" option. They would be more than happy to hear from you and provide further information about our organization.  

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