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Can you please tell me in the  stamp collection world,   which of the following categories have the items that  are the most valued to collectors.. first day covers,, full sheet mint stamps, single mint stamps or souvenir sheets? We like to imagine that we collect for our own pleasure but practical thoughts of resale in the future are equally important.Do United States stamps sell better that foreign stamps?

Hi Brian,

In general US stamps sell better in the USA than foreign stamps, however top class classics sell well in all the main stamp markets e.g. UK, Germany, Switzerland, USA and SE Asia. You do need to distinguish between what is of value to collectors and what is of value to the market.  The most popular collected are "catalogue-based" i.e. most collector follow a catalogue e.g. Scott USA, and try to collect one of each of the stamps in the catalogue.  They are not really interested in their "return-on-investment".  FDCs are popular but they don't sell well, mint/full sheets/SS rarely have much of a return on sale.  Modern issue e.g. post WWII sell for about 30-60% of face value.
The best returns come from top grade classics, however those who collected PR China for the post War period up to about 1985 have achieved good returns. Enjoyment is more important than resale value.  Try to separate collecting from investing.

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