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first day cover
first day cover  
QUESTION: Since it's been established that modern FIRST DAY COVERS are not really worth much as far as monetary values are concerned; does it help to increase their value or collectible if they are signed by the artist or someone of note who may be involved with the subject of the stamp issue. I have seven of these covers and would like to know if they have any value.. Money or collector interest. thank you. By the way, who exactly is the name on the cover?

ANSWER: Technically autographed FDC, autographed by preferably the artist or someone of note, may increase the value and the interest.  Like so many collectables the value is a combination of condition and demand.  Valuations in the various catalogs are only a guide line.  Sorry I can't give a more definitive answer because there isn't one.

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QUESTION: thank you for your response to my previous question. Can you tell me who is the name of the person that has signed these covers? Is he the artist?

ANSWER: It seems to be an autograph followed with the notation 1/1.  Best I can tell the autograph is R. M a or u and two or three additional letters.  I am not familiar with most of the FDC artist names and 1/1 makes it look more like the autograph of the owner than the artist.  Perhaps someone with expertise in FDC and artists might be of more use.  Remember to include a picture of the front.

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front cover
front cover  

different stamp
different stamp  
QUESTION: here is the front of the cover. I believe that it is the artist of the stamp

According to the US Postal Service, the artist of the stamp was Derry Noyes.  See here:

Might be the postmaster of Hartford, CT.  Her name was Judith L Martin.  See here: and scroll down the page.

The signature does seem to be from Martin, so your cover might have additional value to a collector specializing in Hartford, CT history.

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