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QUESTION: I'm at the very beginning of trying to understand the value of an inherited collection of my fathers.  I have a Scott #69 XF, NG, with PFC# 156724.

My questions are:
The stamp looks postmarked but on the certificate site it looks unused - does this matter?  Also, if used after certification I'm scratching my head as why anyone would do that and potentially reduce the value.

Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Brad,
  Can you send me photo/scan of the stamp and the cert?  I really need to see them both before I can answer your question.

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Scott 69
Scott 69  
QUESTION: Here's a picture of the stamp including the certificate number.  I haven't found in his collection where he has the actual certificate but looked at the PFC site which showed the stamp, however w/o postmark.

  Ok, had a look at the stamp and the PFC site.  These two stamps are not the same... One thing you should always be weary of is when something doesn't match a description, some collectors/dealers will "reuse" something already marked, particularly when it's close.  What may have happened in this case even, is the 69 in the sleeve was the one he had before acquiring the nicer one.  When it arrived, he replaced in his album, the mint 69, and took the prior cancelled one out of it's place (just speculating, but this happens all the time).

But close look at the two stamps reveals easily that they are not the same stamp, hence why the post mark on the one you have in hand.  That cert # next to it is not it's cert.  Look at the right side of the two stamps.  The stamp with the cancellation has the design touching the perforation (this makes the stamp VG in fact, and not XF).  The stamp in the image on the PF site is perfectly centered.  If you don't have a stamp and cert in hand, it's not a certed stamp.

This used 69 at VG has a catalog value of $20.  On the other hand, if you can produce the cert and the 69 from the PF site, at current catalog value it would be worth about $4,250 (though a little less with the noted pinholes, it could reduce the value by about half actually).  Which is why even at the time, it was marked as $550.  I assume that was some years ago though.
Hope you can find the XF stamp with the cert... then you've got something.
Best regards,

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Scott 69
Scott 69  
QUESTION: Found it!!  You were right!  My father put the better stamp in his bound collection and the lesser in the file box.

  Spectacular.  And yes, that is a very nice 69.  I assume that's in a hingless album.  Be careful with those, they can sometimes wear out, and the stamps can get loose.

A very common habit among collectors to follow that practice.

That is a very nice looking 69, and seems to be of the same centering of the cert.  Now... you just need to find the cert!  And then you have a very nice stamp indeed.

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