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Hi! I realize that your profile doesn't indicate Indonesia, but all the other philately experts seem to be U.S.-specialized... I figured, you might be my best bet.

I recently bought a stock book online, to use for my own stamps. However, it came stuffed full of Indonesian stamps. I've managed to identify almost all of them, except the two pages I'm attaching.

I can't find any images of these stamps online, but that's probably because I have no idea what year they are, and what they are called.

Any and all assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated! Even if it's just a redirection to the correct expert.

Dear Anna,
Thanks for your question. As you correctly inferred that I am not good at Indonesia philately but just went thru' the Internet about the stamps you got. Don't know if you are aware of eBay, web auctioneer of all people for all sort of materials. Many times it gives you some hint of what you may be searching for. I notice a similar lot: eBay #351726959718 Indonesia 1949 UPU Sets & Sheets Different O/Prints. It may not be exact of what you have but gives you an idea. I am afraid I am not able to get more details. But I do recollect to have seen similar stamps in beginner's album, feel, it may not be valuable enough to go much deeper, except for study purposes.
Best wishes....bkn

NB. You may also like to see Bay item number:361556373812

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