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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/DS9/TNG timeline overlap


Hello Kellen, I was wondering if you could sort out some confusion I have.

In the episode 'Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges' it is mentioned that as a result of the Romulan alliance the embargo on Romulan ale has been lifted, making it legal I believe.
Yet in the film 'Nemesis' Worf is reminded that the drink is illegal.
So do you have any idea if the film is meant to take place before the episode, or if the dialogue is just a writing slip up?

Thanks for any answer you can give.

Hi C. Fewell,

There is no clear answer here so we are left to speculate. It does make sense that the embargo was lifted during the Dominion War, while the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire were allies. Judging from Worf's comment, it would seem that the alliance didn't last long as the drink was again illegal. Perhaps something happened after the war that made the alliance fall apart? We can't really know unless another show/movie comes along and addresses it.

Unfortunately, with the shows looking like they are on permanent hiatus and the movies going to back into the past (in another timeline, even), we may never know the answer.

Sorry for this somewhat depressing response.  Hope it helps.


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