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Star Trek: The Next Generation/The Most Powerful Entity To Ever Appear on TNG


QSTARTREK wrote at 2010-03-22 12:31:09
I'd say its Q over anyone else... even if we dont know if on that episode q made picard travel back in time , we do know that Q can travel in time.. during the episode death wish the 2 qs traveled back and forth in time.. also q has been seen as not having a form.. what we know of q is how he chooses to apear. he has also been shown to control human minds. so yeah my vote says Q all the way.

Tov wrote at 2011-04-13 20:47:59
What about Douwd, the guy named Richard in the episode The Survivors.  The Douwd were immortal and has powers actually more vast and unimaginabloe then Q or Nagillum.  I vote for the species Douwd.

TuiPkg55 wrote at 2013-01-28 06:31:45
*Nagilum was omnipotent in his own void; his own space. Out of it, it seems his powers were (or may possibly be) far less (he was still able to communicate with Picard outside of the void so he did have power outside of the void).

*It's hard to argue against the Q. They are, more or less, set up as thee most powerful in the universe via Series Premier and Series Ending episodes. The debates against the Q would be their consistent child-like usage of their omnipotence.

*The Douwd were very powerful, almost more "mature" in their omnipotence than the Q, which leads me to believe that they could be more powerful beings. The fact that he felt regret for the elimination of the Husnock leads me to believe that his race respected "time" itself, and also an accountability for his great power (he could have gone back in time to change things, but maybe he chose not to).

*Armus was truly just a physical, evil being. He had great power on the Planet itself, but not off it (We never know what happened after the Enterprise shot a photon torpedo on him from space as they left). Regardless, he has a "Skin of Evil", a physical body, which, in this debate, should make him "lesser".

*I'm a big fan of the Traveler race. Masters of time and space. True masters. In the Star Trek novels, they are even highly regarded by the Q Continuum. They still are humanoid, with weaknesses and frailties, but seem to be able to do whatever they want since they are the true masters of space and time.  

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