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i have a couple of questions.since i have only limited knowledge in the star trek universe,iam wondering if you could explain more thourougly what nagilums void is and  where its at and how does one get there and out of it. also out of all of the alien species in the star trek universe which one would you be if you could if even for just one day and for what reason.thanks

Hello, Rodney.

Wow! My first Star Trek question(s)! Thanks for writing!

Nagilum is a very unusual being in the Star Trek universe. S/he/It is a lifeform which is neither composed of energy, nor matter. The Enterprise was unable to deduce anything about Nagilum's composition.

Indeed, even Nagilum's void is utterly unique. Within the void there are no stars, planets, or other matter. No energy exists within Nagilum's void. Actually, the void itself is devoid of dimensions.

Basically, Nagilum's void is an entrance into another 'dimension' of sorts. In the episode "Where Silence Has Lease," Data briefly ponders with the others over whether 'a lack of a dimension' is a dimension within itself. Riker asks if the ship could have entered into another dimension upon entering Nagilum's void, but Data questions this conclusion, considering that Nagilum's void contains no dimensions.

Nagilum's void is a 'shelter' from 'real' space; the Enterprise was stuck in the void like a fly is stuck in a spider's web. It was unable to free itself by any action it took.

The void was located in the Morgana Quadrant. Nagilum 'enticed' the crew of the Enterprise by creating a 'hole in space'; when the Enterprise approached said hole to investigate, Nagilum closed the void around them and they were trapped in the dimension-less area.

The purpose of Nagilum's void was to trap lesser beings so Nagilum could experiment on them; Nagilum was curious as to the nature of death.

There are no ways (at least for the Enterprise) to willingly enter Nagilum's void or leave it, unless Nagilum allows it. Hypothetically, one would require the ability to travel between dimensions, something the Enterprise would not be able to do unless it knew much, much more about Nagilum's void.

Your second question is much easier. I would choose to be a Q. As a Q, I would be nigh-omnipotent, omniscient, immortal, etc. I would have total security at all times, and it would be fun to mess with various aliens.

I don't think I'd be able to refrain from tormenting Trelane, Nagilum, Organians, Metrons, Armus, the entire Borg Collective, etc., etc...

Hope this helps. Any further questions, write again!


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