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I was wondering if you might know if there are any alternate scenes for the episode "Darmok"? I'm asking because when I first watched "Darmok" as a child and on it's airdate of September 30, 1991, I swear I can still remember the scene where the electromagnetic creature is pummeling Dathon's face but I remember seeing Dathon getting pummeled repeatedly without the scene moving away to show the failed attempt to try and transport captain Picard off the El-Adrel planet. However, when I watched "Darmok" on TV seven years later, I seemed to have noticed a difference in the scene I described because it didn't show very much of Dathon getting injured by the creature and instead focused mainly on the failed attempt to transport Picard. I'm betting it's not just my imagination either because I still remember the differences clearly.

Hello, David.

I have heard about the idea of an alternate scene from "Darmok," but I do not know if this truly was the case.

I do recall the electromagnetic creature thrashing Dathon several times while he is on the ground, however. But there is also a moment where the scene moves to show the failed transport of Captain Picard.

This is the scene I remember:

It's a short clip, but at the end is where Dathon gets pummeled. After a few more strikes from the creature, it shows the failed transport of Captain Picard. When Picard returns to the planet, he attends to Dathon, who is now critically injured.

Memory-Alpha also gives that summary, and does not list an alternate scene.

Hope this helps.


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