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Hi could you please let me know if you know of anyone who would come out to my home to have a look a a large selection of Star Trek Items I want to sell, almost all of the large items are boxed, some are boxed but have at some time been taken out, I have collected Star Trek for about 20 years. The majority of the collection is in VGC some mint condition. Thank you for your time. Regards Mrs Rainbow..

Hi Mrs. Rainbow,

Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, I don't know much about Star Trek merchandise or collectibles. I guess I should add something about this limitation to my profile, since I get a lot of questions about it. I'm sorry I can't help you, but you might check with one of the other experts in the Star Trek area.

Thanks again for the question!

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Matt Peterson


In addition to being a long-time fan of the show, I served for five years as a trivia coordinator for America Online`s Star Trek Fan Club, where I wrote and hosted live chat room trivia games.


My knowledge is mostly limited to the show itself, so I do NOT know much about the following: * Star Trek merchandise or collectibles * Conventions, themed cruises, or other events * News about upcoming TV shows or films (including plot details and dates of release) You are much better off asking another expert in this area about the above topics. Thanks!

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