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In the series Star Trek the next generation what is the "pecking order" of the senior staff. Who takes over the bridge? What I know so far is that it is Picard, Riker, Data. I think after that would be Worf and then Geordie. Has Worf ever had the bridge for an extended period of time? Would Troi or Doctor Crusher ever be in charge of the bridge?

Last question...who is your favorite character on TNG? Mine is Riker but they are all likeable so it's hard to choose.

Hi Kenny! That's a good question. I don't know about the exact order. I would assume that it follows rank, but when you have two officers of equal rank, I'm not sure how it is decided who takes command.

To answer your specific questions, I can't think of any time when Worf has had command of the bridge for any extended period of time, aside from a couple of odd instances (in order to fool the newly-awakened Klingons in "The Emissary", and after everyone's memory has been lost in "Conundrum").

Crusher actually was put in command of the ship in "Descent" when a large portion of the crew was assigned to away teams. And in "Thine Own Self", Troi takes and passes the bridge officer test and becomes qualified to command the ship.

I would say my favorite character is Picard. Patrick Stewart is one of the best actors of any of the "Star Trek" series and I've always admired the character.

I hope this helps...thanks again for the questions!

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