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They don't have a weapons locker on the bridge, do they? For those times someone invaded the bridge, they didn't have phasers stored there. I remember people storming the bridge without them having any defense like that. But I could be forgetting the episode(s) where they showed it. Thanks!

Hello, Erin.

That's a good observation. I don't think so. In "Rascals," for example, Ferengi board the ship and beam onto the bridge. Of course, only Worf has a phaser. (Worf has a phaser by his tactical station.) The Ferengi proceed to take over the bridge.

Even in "Best of Both Worlds," when the Borg beam onto the bridge (in an attempt to abduct Captain Picard), the only one who has a phaser is, again, Worf. It seems silly that during a fight with the Borg, everyone on ship isn't armed with a phaser. Certainly the senior officers should be!

But yes, you're right. The lack of a weapons locker on the bridge (or Engineering) seems to be a questionable decision.


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