Star Trek: The Next Generation/men in skirts? what???


Matthias Goodman wrote at 2008-05-29 20:38:23
I am watching disc 4 from the first season of TNG and I noticed a better shot of these "skirts" and I am certain, that in at lease this scene (11001001 evacuation scene) they are shorts, not a skirt.

barfy wrote at 2008-09-24 17:13:32
I have no answer... but I am amazed. I've been a fan of the Trek for almost forty years, an today, for the first time, I saw a man in a skirt, in that hallway! But he wasn't just a man, hairy legged etc, he was also in receipt of a bald patch! Lot of cross-dressers still in the 23rd century...

yehadut wrote at 2009-12-08 07:13:03
Why are you amazed? This is the future, styles change. Look at the frilly things and heels men used to wear in the 1600s. Scottish men wear skirts. Why not have men in skirt uniforms? If it's ok for women, it should be for men too.

SheTrek wrote at 2011-03-24 01:32:20
Star Trek is known for its ability to break ground and boundaries between people. ANYONE who can call themselves a Trekkie knows this. Look at Yar and Crusher in that episode, and the other women who followed. They are allowed to dress as men, become chiefs of security, engineering, and even Captains later on. Why shouldn't the men be allowed to wear dresses? It's just a reflection of the fact that the values in our society are changing, and this is one of the reasons why I love Star Trek.

However, as noted, the men in dresses stopped, and cannot be found later. I think they wanted to push the boundaries of what the public would be willing to accept. Judging by the conversation here though, and the conversations found in other forums, I'm going to guess that the male dress in the Starfleet crew is just not acceptable.

They could have also realized that in all they do, the very short dress, high boots, and exposed thighs just aren't practical for most away missions. This would be like putting our military (which they are in many ways modeled around) in these ridiculous, non-practical uniforms.

As an avid Trekkie, and as a sociologist, these are just a couple of the ideas I'm throwing out there.  

Charles wrote at 2011-09-11 15:38:54
"I am as baffled as you about crew men wearing mini skirts."  Gee, the hopeless conformist will never understand creativity!  He'll never grasp anything other than the "we do it this way because we do it this way mindlessness."  No need to go centuries into the future.  The modern Greek army has men in short skirts, including with pleats.  He can't understand that either.  But then, the ancient Greeks, Romans, Macedonians, Assyrians and Sumerians could not understand men in pants either!  He thinks gender causes clothing behavior, when in fact it's "social forces" that cause it, and in any case, freedom of choice should cause it---and that should apply to both sexes, not only to females.

David wrote at 2012-12-15 14:27:18
While the official word might be as per the other answer "revenge" I am more inclined to believe that this is in line with the tolerant society that Star Trek the next generation proposes. In such a society a man wearing a mini skirt would be regarded as no more strange than a woman in pants is today.

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