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Victor, I have always found a way to accept the possibility of everything that happens on Star Trek, various series and movies. But I cannot understand everyone's casual acceptance of Spock telling security to get Kirk off the ship in the 2009 movie. How can that be even remotely logical, Vulcan or human? Even in present time, that's not going to happen. I'm sure security could manage to get Kirk to the brig. That almost ruined the entire movie for me. Your thoughts?

Well good ole JJ creates a Space Action Adventure based (loosly) on Star Trek. (KEEP THIS FRAME OF MIND)
That how you have to look at it..

If Kirk didn't get thrown off the Ship he wouldn't have met Spock Prime, and Scotty.
And if you remember Scotty was in trouble for an transporter incident with Admiral Archers Prize Beagle.

If this was Johnathan Archer...HOW old was he 140? Really
I guess the Old Doctor McCoy is justification for this.

There was a lot wrong with the movie..but It wasn't aimed at die hard Star Trek Fans.
There was a lot wrong with the second one...for exactly the same reason.

I had the same thought on the Man of Steele Action Movie with a Superman Character.

I hate to see what is going to happen to Star Wars.

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