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QUESTION: Star Trek IV: The ease of time warp Ė So, all you have to do to go back in time is slingshot around the sun on a carefully-calculated route, right? Itís the same thing they did in the TOS episode Tomorrow Is Yesterday. If itís really that easy, then any warp-enabled ship can do it any time, so surely someone in the Klingon or Romulan empires must have figured this out. The Klingons might be too honorable, but why havenít the Romulans taken advantage of this, and used it for all sorts of nefarious purposes?

ANSWER: Avi, you are asking my OPINION as an expert. You want me to get into the heads of the Romulans, Klingons or Star Trek writers and speculate.
Any answer I would give would be speculation.
Is that what you want?

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QUESTION: Yes that is what I want

First of all, in TY they did not know what they were doing. They had hit a black star and appeared above Earth but could not piece together what had happened. By AE, the "lightspeed breakaway factor" allowed them some control over where they went in time, as they appeared on Earth in 1968 pretty much exactly when they wanted to.
They did the same thing in St 4.
The Romulans were the ones with a sense of honour in TOS and the Klingons weren't , so playing your game I would submit that the Klingons did INDEED discover this and went back in time to reverse the dishonour they had been known for, in the process discovering  a way to distinguish themselves from the humans they so despised and resembled, and lo and behold! They have ridges foreheads, discover this new sense of honour, and screw the Romulans in the process.
Wasn't that a fun game?
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