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I recently saw Star Trek: Into darkness and I am confused as to how Kahn ended up in that movie? Something to do with the previous Star Trek TOS prequel? I haven't yet seen the original series. Just TNG to Voyager and will knock out TOS and Enterprise soon enough. How did Kahn get brought into the story in that movie? I wish they hadn't killed off Spock's mother in the first new movie. Particularly after seeing her aged in TNG.

James, many of us Classic Trek fans agree with you and share your confusion. The simplest (and least satisfying) explanation is that this universe is not EXACTLY the one of OUR Kirk, Spock and crew where Khan appeared. So technically the rules do not apply. It's another universe where history may or may not have unfolded as it did in ours so Khan (or any TOS villain) is as likely to appear as is anyone else. I personally thought that that ruined the movie for many older fans since the last half of it was simply a rehash of TWOK. But the easiest explanation is that we simply have to disregard the events of the original series and movies. And TNG. ANd DS9 and Voyuckger (Gilligan's Island in space).
Hope that helps.
Oh, and just as an aside, you never saw Spock's mother Amanda in TNG. The late  Jane Wyatt only appeared in TVH, not in any subsequent TV series. I assume you are referring to Sarek's THIRD wife, Perrin (Joanna Miles), who made a couple of appearances.
I realize these may not be the answers you were hoping for, but I am sad to report that this is the case.

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