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I'm looking to write a fanfiction that takes places after Into Darkness and was wondering about a few things:

1-What century did TOS take place in? I'm guessing the 23 but am not 100% sure.

2-Did the Federation/Starfleet have holodecks or holosuites in the time of Kirk? I remember seeing them in TNG but not before then.

3-Biologically, how different are humans in the time of TOS from humans now? Like, say, what differences would Bones find on his tricorder if he were to scan a human from our current era when compared to those of his time?

4-Same as question 3 but with augments (such as Khan) instead of humans of our current era.

5-Hypothetically, would a food replicator be able to create a food (such as cake, steak, etc.) that contained ZERO calories? If so, would it still taste the same and/or be as filling as the actual food with the calories? (Hope this isn't confusing.)

1---You are correct. TOS took place in the 23rd century, probably almost exactly 300 years after it aired.
3---Did you mean have we grown a third eye or duplicate sexual organs? NO.
4---This question is vague and unclear.
5---Anything hypothetical gets a YES from me.

You're welcome.

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